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This is my first post. And its a wild one!

I really need feedback from people who get it. Because there is literally no one in my life who understands this challenge.

I recently was nominated by my boss to have the opportunity to represent my company on a work-related Caribbean cruise, and I was picked out of 100's of people to be the one to go. I will get a free 8-day all expenses paid cruise. For most people - this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and a dream come true.

But I am totally stressed and freaked out.

First of all - this was a total surprise to me. My boss did not ask if I wanted to be nominated. I know she meant it to be a huge compliment and I feel very honored. But - I really wish she had checked with me first.

Second of all - the itinerary is going to be BUSY. Lots of meetings and social events, etc. and my health is just too unpredictable to know if I would be able to handle it. With chronic migraine - sometimes I cannot even make it out of the house for 2-3 hours at a time, let alone managing a week-long cruise. And I have so many food triggers, smell triggers, sleep triggers etc - there is literally no way to control them in an environment like a cruise ship. I fear it would be a total nightmare.

Third - I will be traveling alone if I do go. There will be no one I know there to support me and I will also have no contact with my support system due to lack of data plan for my cell phone while cruising.

I know I should be THRILLED to have this opportunity, but I am not. And I don't know what to do. I am so afraid to look ungrateful and crazy. I haven't committed either way yet. But I will need to make a decision soon.

What would you do? I am really struggling and looking for feedback. Thanks in advance for any help.

  1. Hi mimi1373,

    Thank you for joining our discussion forum - we're glad you're here!

    Congratulations, how exciting! But I understand your concern. Traveling with a chronic illness is not easy, but can be done. While I can't tell you what to do, I can provide you with information on travel that may be helpful;

    If it were me, I'd make a pro/con list and see where things land. I love my lists!

    Good luck and let me know how it goes,

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