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Does anybody on here blackout and not remember anything when they have a migraine? I’ve been on every medication that Kaiser could put me on every test if they could do and they can’t get rid of my migraines.

  1. Yes. My memory is terrible to begin with. Also have experienced seizures as well. I remember things for maybe an hour. It's scary.

    1. I have sporadic amnesia during and after an attack. The cognitive impairment from migraine is real.

      During an attack, the present is the usually the only thing I can think of if I have any ability to think. I will immediately forget taking a medication, why I am in a room, etc. I also experience a distorted sense of time. Feeling it pass both slower or faster than the clock reports.

      Though I also experience deja vu and jamais vu as aura.

      After an attack, I remember very little except the experience of symptoms. I lose all memory of things spoken to me, things done, etc. All I remember is being miserable.

      I use Migraine Buddy App to time stamp my meds during an attack and rely on trusted family and friends who know my migraine action plan to stay safe.

      My personal belief is the very fact that migraine is a neurological condition is why I experience amnesia. Amnesia being just one of many migraine symptoms.

      I experience this whether or not I take rescue medications.

      I am sorry to read you have yet to find a successful therapy or medication.

      You are not alone.

      Thank you for sharing, and I wish you the best that can be for you.

      1. Pain gets to point I have seizures an black outs. Still trying to find cocktail (meds) to help, we almost have the right on

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