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Blind With Ocular Migraine in Seeing Eye?

Is anyone blind in one eye permanently and after the fact get ocular migraine in your seeing eye? Wondering if there is a link?

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  1. Hi kdellis,

    Interesting question!! I'm not sure if there is a link, but it's very possible to lose sight temporarily with a retinal migraine. You can read more about that here;

    Thankfully vision is restored when the migraine attack is over.

    Hopefully others will be along to share their story with you!

    1. Hi Kdellis,

      I get temporary blindness or what would be considered as a retinal Migraine as Nancy pointed out with her reply!

      It is disturbing to say to least when my vision is either blurred or there is a spot that appears in field of vision in one of my eyes! I am terribly sorry this is happening to you!

      I also get very blurred vision in my eyes during an attack or even with the aura.

      You are not alone! I hope this helps a little

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