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Anyone know if blueberries contain migraine trigger chemicals? I checked Kerrie's list and couldn't find them... although my eyes aren't always the best so maybe I missed them. Trying to put together a safe pie for Thanksgiving and mom has already claimed apple...

  1. Hi GardensatNight,

    While they don't trigger a migraine attack for me, it's possible they can for some. I wish I had a better answer, but what is a trigger for one person may not be for another! Have you tried them? Do they trigger you?

    Let me know!


    1. I haven't tried them. So many foods get me and whenever I try to add back a food on the right side of Kerrie's list, I seem to get a terrible migraine, which makes me really skeevy to try things. Like the only food we've found I CAN tolerate that's on the naughty list is potatoes.

      I just wondered since they aren't on either list... why? Can you eat strawberries/cherries/grapes? Those all get me.

      Was hoping to be able to make a pie I could actually eat. I've gotten a migraine from Thanksgiving three years running now... I dunno what it is... but suspect maybe my family has trouble remembering all the food triggers. Or maybe I just ingest too much milk overall that's cooked into things.

      1. Sugar at night (with little chance of being metabolized/“burnt off”) triggers morning headaches ... headaches, in turn, trigger migraines. Therefore, if I have fruit or especially dessert before going to bed, I’ll awake with a headache & then almost always transition into a migraine (unless I take imitrex, drink water, eat non-carbs such as fat or protein & then “burn off” that sugar by *not* lying down & instead getting up & running errands, etc doesn’t even have to be strenuous exercise...just getting out of bed & going out to run errands helps in that specific sugar-headache-migraine scenario)

        1. Hi migrainecom,

          Thank you for sharing your journey with us and being part of our community.

          I'm sorry to hear you wake with morning migraine pain. Have you had an opportunity to have a sleep study by any chance? Many times when we wake with morning migraine pain its an indication of a sleep issue and not only sleep apnea. Restless leg and periodic limb movement disorder are just a few other conditions that can contribute to morning migraine pain. Maybe something you can discuss with your doctor at your next appointment?

          Wishing you a low pain day,

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