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Bolt of Electricity Through Brain? Anyone?

The other two of two with a migraine. I was laying in bed and got a sudden bolt of electricity from top of my left ear through my brain towards my right ear. It drew my left arm up towards me. It was pretty painful (10/10) but only lasted for a short blast. I even checked my cell phone to make sure it didn't do anything crazy. It scared me pretty bad. My Maternal Grandmother died in her 50's due to an aneurysm. Of course, I called my doctor and they said this is a normal symptom and the only thing they can do about it is increase my pain medicine. I don't need an increase of medicine. Anyone else had this symptom? I have had 3 migraines in the same week now and missed work today due to pain and being so worn down from it all. Thanks for any information!

  1. I've had electric shocks in my arms and legs. Read about people having them in their heads.
    At first I shought it was static electricity because I live in a dry climate but then just sitting still I had shocks and googled the symptom. There it was...
    I also can't exercise because I get short of breath and heart attack symptoms but it's really an atypical migraine.

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