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Botox and TCM

Anyone have experience using Botox and TCM specifically herbal supplements provided by TCM health care providers? Any interaction issues etc.? Thanks!

  1. Hi twobassets,

    Thank you for your question. I'm not sure what TCM is so if you could provide a bit more information, I'll try and answer your question!


    1. Hi. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I probably should have spelled that out. I am receiving acupuncture as well as some herbal supplements and am also scheduled to start my first Botox treatment in August. So looking to see if anyone else has tried both at once. Thanks!

  2. Hello, twobassets,
    I am mother to a 25 yr old daughter who has been suffering from Chronic Migranes for months. She has tried all from accupuncture to Rx(Toradol, etc). Nothing lasts....hers are weekly to biweekly on occurrence. I am now assisting her as she is a nursing student, single mom, and p/t Med. Asst. and her time is limited to walk this journey for assistance outside of the Dr. appts she has been able to keep. Her last appt with "Head Neurologist" was very disheartening as the inisists she increase her narcotic "cocktail" until all else has been tried and fails(his words!). She cant drive, study, or tend to our Grandson with this Rx, yet her voice went unheard by him. Any advice for us would be a blessing Please give us your help,Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! That is very good advice and I will forward this to my daughter so she can read it thoroughly and put some of those good advice message to work! I think she'll like just knowing that she has others who are struggling to and that there is a solution!

    2. Hi cborman,

      I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is having such a rough time. I know how difficult being in chronic pain can be.

      I'm sorry to say narcotics are not the best option for migraine pain. They don't stop a migraine attack, rather mask pain and can actually change our pain receptors and create rebound headache. This article has more information on this;

      I wonder if the "head neurologist" she saw was board certified in headache medicine? There are expert doctors who are board certified in headache medicine, which is different than being certified in neurology, that your daughter may want to see - these doctors are true experts!
      Neurologists may be fine doctors they have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's stroke, epilepsy and others. I know how frustrating it is to see doctor after doctor and getting no where. I'm currently seeing the 5th true migraine expert and finally think I'm getting somewhere. These articles discuss how these expert doctors are different and how to find one; and

      Good luck and let me know what you think,

  3. Thank you, that makes sense!

    I get Botox and use dietary supplements, medical cannabis, Cefaly, and PT to help manage my migraine attacks and daily head and neck pain.

    I've not tried TCM, something to think about!

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