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Can Benedryl and/or Phenergan cause MOH?

I take 1-2 phenegrin with 3-5 benadryl for acute migraine when excedrin migraine won't knock it out. Let me explain those ranges. I start with 1 phenegrin and 3 benadryld, going up in quantity every 6 to 8 hours if the migraine persists. I am new to this site, only discovered it last week. Like many of the members my migraines started in my teens but back then I thought I was having a "bad sinus headache." Over the years my migraines have progressed to Chronic. I've been receiving Botox injections for almost 2 years from my neurologist. The Botox has helped a lot giving me a much better quality of life. Today is a foggy brain day, hope I'm making sense. It is usually when the Botox starts wearing off that I get the stubborn migraines that only respond to my taking several consecutive doses of the benadryl/phenegran combo.

  1. Hi WendyP,

    Thank you for your question. I know patients that use this combination of medications and find relief.

    I'm sort of in the same boat when my Botox starts to wear off. My migraine/headache doctor reminds me to be extra vigilant about my triggers at least two weeks before I'm due for another round of injections. Some months are better than others, but in general Botox has been very helpful.


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