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Cannot figure this out

Hello all,

I've been suffering from migraines since 2018 and I've found lack of food/water combination triggers my migraines. When I eat excessively the migraines go away (around 3000 calories) however I'm overweight and trying to lose weight is hard considering I need to be at a caloric deficit. Whenever I get even slightly hungry, I must eat right away because any delay (even the slightest) will cause a migraine.

I sometimes drink over 5,600mL of water just to make sure I don't get a migraine but my doctor says that's too much water per day.

Another way I get rid of migraines is eating a lot once the migraine starts and then taking a nap. That combination gets rid of the migraine.

I've also tried acupuncture and I'm too tired to exercise.

I'm not on any preventative migraine medication (was on Topiramate but had bad side effects). Was also on Inderal LA but it was discontinued. I do however sometimes take Rizatriptan when I get migraines and the medication resolves the migraine with 20 minutes (max number of these pills one should take it 15 per month and I take about eight).

Effexor is the only medication I take daily (for anxiety going on 13 years).

Here is how I feel daily:

- Dry mouth (wake up 3x per night to drink water, accompanied by rapid heart beats)

- Brain fog at front of my head (can’t concentrate, forgetting things, thinking slowly)

- Always tired

- Always hungry

- Always thirsty

I've had several types of blood tests done and nothing points to diabetes or hypoglycaemia.

I've also seen a naturopath with no success either.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

  1. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with us. I understand how frustrating it is to live with migraine pain - we're here for you!
    It's not uncommon for some, myself included, to not skip meals and eat on a regular schedule. For some of us that may mean eating 5-6 smaller meals a day, while others can stick with three meals a day plus a snack. It really depends on each individual. Migraine brains are particularly sensitive to change of any sort so keeping a regular eating and sleeping schedule are very important.
    Getting an accurate diagnosis is vital. This allows us to get the proper treatment and learn all we can about our disease. There are over 200 migraine/headache disorders and it's possible to have more than one type!!
    When we have four or more migraine attacks a month, it's time to discuss prevention with the doctor and here's why. Episodic migraine (14 or fewer migraine/headache days a month) can transform into chronic migraine (15 or more migraine/headache days a month) fairly quickly, and no one wants to be chronic! Don't lose hope - there are over 100 medications, supplements, devices, complementary therapies and lifestyle modifications that can be used to treat migraine disease. Here's a start;
    It may be time to reach out to a doctor who is a true expert in treating migraine and headache disease. These doctors are different from general neurologists as they are certified in headache medicine, all neurologists are not. General neurologists may be fine doctors but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat many conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and more. A true migraine/headache disease doctor treats migraine and headache all day, every day. Here is more information on how these doctors are different and how to find one;
    That should get you started! Will you let me know what you think? Wishing you a low pain day, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. Thanks for this response. I've started a migraine journal so my doctor and I ca figure out what exactly is triggering my migraines before we move to next steps.

      Next time I see him I may suggest a migraine specialist.


      1. wonderful news. A journal can really help with patterns of sleep and eating as well as activities or weather that may be triggering you. I hope you find relief in the New Year. Best of health and wellness always. Rebecca (comm advc)

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