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Cervical Facet Nerve Block (C2 through C5)

Hello to the group!

Yesterday I had a bilateral cervical facet nerve block (C2 through C5) at Chelsea Community Hospital (I am currently in the MHNI inpatient program at CCH).

The block was done yesterday afternoon. I spent the remainder of yesterday resting and lying low. Initially the migraine was lessened, but that quickly changed. The migraine came back full-force. I ended up, last night, waking in the very early morning hours as the migraine topped out on the 1 to 5 pain scale.

Despite IV protocol medications, plus oral abortive medications the migraine remained near the top of the scale for most of the day. This evening it finally fell down to a 3 on the 1 to 5 scale. An increment of only one "notch" but significant in being able to function.

I am curious about whether anyone else has had cervical facet blocks for migraine, and if so, what sort of results they experienced.

I am hopeful that tomorrow there will be some positive effect from this procedure.


  1. Hi moneybrew,

    I hope you feel better too!! I've not had this procedure, but hopefully others will be along shortly to lend their experience.

    Keep us posted on your progress


    1. A bit of an update... The cervical facet (bilateral C2 through C5) did not significantly impact my migraines. I suspect, unless the physician wants to take another stab (pun intended) this one will serve to rule out that area for ablation.

      I would still welcome feedback and comments from other group members.

      Take Care,

      1. Hi!

        Sorry this is so late. I got this done a few weeks ago and it helped quite a bit. I'm getting it done again 2 weeks and hope it lasts longer this time. Hoping this finds you in no pain!!

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