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CGRPs for other pain issues?

I actually found out about this class of meds when I was told my lifelong episodic migraines, which have turned into more what I’d describe as chronic migraines, could be setting off pain in my Trigeminal nerve. I’ve also been told over the years I have pretty severe TMJ on one side, fibromyalgia (which I think was more of a “you have so much chronic pain we don’t know what else to call it,” etc.

Anyway, while researching Trigeminal Neuralgia, I found an interesting article about CGRPs possibly being used to treat it, along with the other things I mentioned! I suppose they are doing studies on it now, as it may take different formulations, dosage, etc.

My question is whether anyone out there taking these for migraines that is also diagnosed with these other conditions has noticed a difference? I’ll post the article below.

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