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Chronic Migraine and Pregnancy

I've had chronic migraine for 3+ years now and I'm finally on a mix of meds that help (atenolol & botox with sumatriptan to treat). Things are going as well as expected, but my husband and I want to start a family. Atenolol is a Class D drug and has an impact on growth. I've tried several other beta blockers but this is the only one that has helped... I tried coming off of it, but my 1-2 migraines a week jumped back to 4+ per week. To those with Chronic Migraine, have you tried to get pregnant? What steps did you take to help with your migraines? Any advice to others going through the same thing?

  1. My doctor put in a Medtronics nerve stimulator at the occipital nerve in the back of my head. I was able to taper down off my medication. I dealt with the rest of my pain by focusing on my goal of having a healthy baby. It may not be the answer for you, it is drastic in some ways but I have no regrets and two beautiful girls now. Have you tried the Cephaly device? You would want to clear it with your docor obviously but it could open up a conversation with your provider about safe options before, during and after pregnancy.

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