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Chronic migraines!

Hello everyone,
First of all I'll like to thank the moderators for taking the time to go on here and check up on us. Before finding this site and getting migraines I was on a similar site for fitness and I know how difficult it is to read or browse through everything.

So about me, I'm 33, a mother of 2 little girls and now on and off of disability for about 10 weeks. In California we get 12 weeks legally before our job isn't secure anymore. Idk? I've been getting migraines since I was 10. I didn't get officially diagnosed until I was 19 and in the navy. From that age of 19 to 29 I would get 2-4 migraines a month usually menstrual migraines. As soon as I hit 30, I got pregnant and my body just shut down.
I was diagnosed with hypernemesis graveradarum basically that I threw up everything even water. I was doing so bad I started getting migraines daily,I had to take Norco for pain, and get
Magnesium infusions through ivs, I lost 20 lbs. If I lost 5 more I would of been hospitalized. Through all of this my baby was ok.

Fast forward to March of 2015, something happened which is triggering these migraines to come back. I'm not pregnant I've checked.
So now I'm in panic mode because this nurse practioner handling my case comes highly recommended .She sends me back to work knowing that I have chronic migraines and I work with not one but 2 monitors a very lit room and those are some triggers for me. Still sends me back, I had to call my primary Care physician, to get 2 weeks off until my Botox appt.

Now for this Botox appt I only got 7 days off work? And I'm getting migraines still? I'm scared, these doctors don't want to issue any more notes to get days off from work ,what can I do? I can't return to work knowing I'm going to get a migraine, I might process something wrong and causs the company a loss of $$.

ok, so now I leave my question open to all of you, will my condition, chronic migraine, with and without auora after one cycle of Botox leave me ready for work?

  1. Hi Mariplay2004,

    Thank you for your kind words and question. Let's see what I can do to help you out.

    Botox works for chronic migraine as any other prevention medication. This means it can take a while to experience the full benefits. When we start new medications, it can take up to 90 days before we see a reduction in our migraine frequency and severity. Some people feel better after one round of Botox injections, while other people don't see real improvement until the second or third round.

    That probably isn't what you want to hear, but I'm afraid there we have it. I wonder if you've recently kept a detailed migraine diary to identify any of your triggers? If we can identify our triggers, we may be able to reduce our migraine frequency and severity. Here is information on how to keep a migraine diary that may be helpful;

    With all the apps out there it is easier than ever to keep a migraine diary. In fact, has the Migraine Meter you may want to look into; If that one doesn't work out for you there are many others to choose from - you can do a Google search.

    Good luck, I hope this helps,

    1. Wow, I could sworn I posted this message the other day.
      I keep a migraine calendar and a journal. The meters are all the same, it's how we choose to use them that matter, and we experience pain differently. For me this has been by far the worst week ever, I haven't slept much, migraine Pain wakes me up, the throbbing, nausea, Omg. I just want it to stop.
      I went to a new doctor, he's a chronic pain management doctor. He put me on Morphine 15mg pills, why am I still in so much pain? This is suppose to deflate my blood vessels.......???????OUCH

      On another note I told my doctor NP headache doctor that I'm going on disability, and would appreciate a letter from her!

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