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Climax headaches

So this is kind of awkward for me to talk about but every time I masturbate I get a headache in the back of my head. It typically lasts the whole day until I fall asleep and wake up. My mind will also be cloudy, I have a hard time focusing and increased anxiety. I talked to a doctor about it, and they thought it might be tension headaches so he prescribed me muscle relaxers, but they do not help at all. All of my symptoms stay and it just makes me tired. I personally do not believe they are tension headaches These headaches makes it hard to work, function, focus, etc. It is also worth noting that I am a male in his 20s and this has been happening for years. Does anyone have any ideas on how to treat this or what it might be?

  1. Hi jameseq17,

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. We have information on this topic you can see here;

    I would encourage you to speak with your doctor again, explaining the muscle relaxers are not helping. If you find you aren't getting answers from him, it may be time to see a doctor who is more educated in treating migraine and headache disease.

    Please keep us posted,

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