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Cluster migraines

I have been suffering badly from cluster migraines. I'm looking for help. As the medication I get don't really help

  1. Hi - I'm really sorry to hear you aren't getting treatments that are helping you. Are you seeing a headache specialist? Also, do you know if you are experiencing migraine attacks or cluster attacks - they are two very different primary headache diseases or do you have both? I happen to have both. I'm going to link a couple of articles - Ashley like me also has both so we are pretty good at explaining the differences between them. and Depending on which one you have there are "typical" treatments that help. This is where a good headache specialist comes in - they can give you a proper diagnosis (if your doctor told you that you have cluster migraine, then they are not well educated in understanding these are two very different diagnoses) and they can help you know the primary treatments and if those don't work the "out of the box" treatments that might help. When you are struggling it can be really hard to get effective treatments and it often takes time. Hoping you can find things that work for you soon.

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