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I found out too much coffee makes get a migraine that will last the whole day!!! People keep telling me I need caffeine but in this case I DO NOT. I think caffeine is making it worst. It is only the caffeine in coffee because soda is ok and wont cause a migraine.

  1. Hi VKat2016.

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    For some of us as little as 1/4 cup of caffeine can contribute to making our head pain worse. In a small subset of people with migraine caffeine can also create medication overuse headache, moh or rebound. Caffeine is a drug, a stimulant, and for some of us can create moh. Here is a very good article about caffeine and migraine;

    Does that help?

    1. Hi VKat2016,

      Thanks for your post! You are not alone in your thinking. Many people feel that coffee (and caffeine) can be a trigger for an attack, and find that soda consumption can be a reprieve. Here are a couple articles that discuss the topic -, I hope you find them interesting! Again, thanks for your post. Hope you have a lovely day!


      Meaghan ( Team)

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