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Major cognitive and memory problems during prodrome phase

I have CMD and after the Prodrome fades and the pain hits, and then the vomitting, I realize from talking to friends and family that there are some things, mostly conversations or events I've had that I just don't remember - or it seems like a dream (reality and dream often get very hazy during an episode). Does any one know if it's similar to a diabetic black-out or coma? And has anyone tried anything helpful or unhelpful (therapy, herbs, drugs). This isn't just a "fuzzy" or foggy feeling. I feel like I've lost hours of my life. Feeing pretty desperate and discouraged. Thank you for your insights. Some days this site is the only thing that comforts me because I know I'm not alone.

  1. Hi voiceofjoyce,

    We're happy you enjoy our site and thank you for reaching out. You're right, it is SO important to know we're not alone.

    I understand how discouraging this can be. I have mild cognitive issues stemming from a fall I took over 20 years ago. Of courage the aging process doesn't help either! Cognitive and memory issues can be part of a migraine attack. Having said that, it's important to let our doctor know when our migraine patterns and/or symptoms change. If you haven't had a chance to do that, I would encourage you to. I saw Joanna gave you some great resources to check out.

    I hope that helps!

    1. Thank you (and Joanna) for your input and resources. My doctor knows it's been a problem, but the last one was so severe it scared me and my mom.
      I will definitely tell my doc more specifically about what happened. I don't know if it was better or worse to have a "witness" this time.
      Thanks again and I wish you both good health.

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