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Cognitive Problems and Migraine Variants

I have migraine variants, so I was told which cause physical symptoms other than headache. Sometimes, I just feel really sick and the left side of my face gets numb along with my arm. My arm gets the same numb feeling as you do when you are mildly drunk and can take note of those kinds of things. I also feel like I cannot think as well as I once did. I feel, well 'dimmer' somehow which upsets me greatly as I put a lot I if pressure on myself in the aspect of being intelligent. I have noticed that I am having a hard time texting on my phone, it's old and has actual buttons, and have been misspelling simple words when I thought I pushed the correct button. I have heard of "brain fog" and have felt it but this is different I think and I am concerned. I was originally being tested for MS. If someone has some insight then I would like to know, thank you. Also, sorry about any grammatical errors, I am having a hard time at the moment.

  1. Hi Destinyr54, having brain fogs are normal with Migraines. Just like you, I often get mad because I know I'm intelligent. Sometimes I can't form a sentence or use the right words. I often misspell words and forget what I'm doing at the time. Feeling disoriented (drunk) throughout the day is normal with the brain fog.(I have been tested for MS also)I have had migraines with aura since 2005, after I had a stroke at the age of 31. I would experience migraines at least 8 days a month. By 2008, I would have migraines for about 14 days. At this point the brain fogs started, and yes they are scary. After being injured in a car accident in 2010, my migraines became really bad. I now have 3 to 5 migraine attacks a day, for at least 27 days a month. Which means more cognitive issues. My short term memory is bad and I experience more brain fogs. I try to keep my mind sharp, by working on my short term memory by using luminosity. My doctors disabled me out 3 years ago stating I'm one of the worst cases they ever seen, and I'm still fighting for my disability. My advice to you, would be to take your pain pill as soon as you notice a symptom, turn off the lights & relax. Always keep track of new symptoms and what you where doing at the time of trigger. I'm on a combination of 5 medications, just to help me function daily. My migraines cause paralysis, unsteady gait, numbness, tingling, nausea, vomiting, slurred speech and memory loss.
    *Don't forget stress is a trigger* - brain fogs*

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