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What are some of your comfort measures during an attack?

Share with us! What are your go-to essentials & comfort measures that help to get you through an attack? Do you have a favorite blanket, pillow, ice or hot therapy. ear plugs, essentials oils, etc.?

We'd love to hear your tips & advice of what helps most to to ease the pain.

  1. Light blocking blinds and curtains (two or three layers on all windows.) Tape or stickers over electronic device indicator lights.

    Ultra-soft clothing as I have to cool my environment for the headache, but also have arthritis which is aggrevated at temps below 80, and during a migraine my skin becomes hypersensitive.

    Puffy blanket.

    Plain, organic greek yogurt.

    Alpine ear plugs for kids.


    Cloth soaked with cool water and cucumber witch hazel for wiping forehead and neck.

    1. *Ice packs ASAP! I was using an Ace Bandage to wrap the varying sizes & shapes of ice packs to my skull & face but then I just invested in the Ice Hat and it has worked wonders. I highly recommend it, or one similar.

      *Caffeine, I usually sip some coffee.

      *WeatherX earplugs- these have really helped and it has a handy-dandy downloadable app that alerts you to barometric pressure changes in your area. You can also set the parameters if you know the high/low pressures that trigger you. And they are very affordable at $12 and reusable several times.

      *Noise cancelling headphones, the soft padded kind

      *If I get nausea, as weird as it sounds, I drink the heavy syrup out of a can of peaches. Basically the same thing as Emetrol. (Pediatrician told me that trick.)

      *Then of course the usual abortive triptans that my brain just sarcastically scoffs at.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing what works for you . I've never heard of drinking the syrup from canned peaches. April - Team

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