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Constant Extreme Fatigue

For the past three months I’ve been extremely fatigued. I feel like the worse day of the flu times ten. No one can find a cause. Until I mentioned it to my migraine neuro.i have daily severe intractable headaches. He’s convinced the fatigue is part of my migraine. Has anyone else experienced this?

  1. Yes I have that all the time especially after an attac

    1. Hi kblange,

      YES, yes and yes. Being in chronic pain can make us fatigued, cranky, and moody to say the least.

      You're definitely not alone in feeling this way!


      1. Sorry i am a little late to the party. Have you had your vitamin d levels checked. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, muscle and bone aches and had 22 migraine days one month. It turned out my vit d levels were severely low at under 10. After vitamin therapy i have gone down to 4 migraine days and my energy has increased considerably although i still get the normal amount of fatigue before and after a migraine, I hope this helps

        1. thanks for the input! Don't worry about being late to the party as people are always reviewing blogs and stores here. Getting you vitamin D levels checked is a great idea. I would encourage folks to touch base with their doctor to get the test ordered.

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