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Constant silent migraine

Hi all,

I have been having a bunch of migraine-type symptoms, though my neurologist was quite iffy about the diagnosis because it does not happen in discrete episodes. Sometimes, it's pretty much all the time - I get double vision (but only really around light coloured objects), spots and flashes of light, cravings for salty carbs (usually crisps), brain fog and tiredness. Lately I have also noticed big increases in salivation.

Has anyone else had these symptoms? I don't get headaches, and my neuro said there is pretty much nothing you can do about the other symptoms. But even though I am not in loads of pain, it's really disabling as i'm tired all the time and can't think properly. Any advice?

  1. oh and also sensitivity to sound and stress

    1. Helenrids - You may want to discuss persistent aura with your doctor. As it sounds, persistent aura is essentially an aura that won't go away. Indeed, there are preventive medicines and treatments that can be tried to stop the Migraine/aura. If you are having aura, you are having a Migraine.

      Are you seeing a Migraine and headache specialist by chance? These really are the very best doctors to go for an appropriate diagnosis and the most current and up to date treatments. Here is a link with lists that can help you figure out if your doctor is a specialist as well as where to find one that is nearest to you:


      1. Hi Ellen,

        Thanks for responding. The guy I saw before was apparently a migraine specialist, but that was in the US and I have now moved back to the UK. When I saw him, it wasn't much of a problem, so maybe he didn't think worth suggesting too much (he recommended migrelief, which disagreed with my stomach).

        Actually I have been taking herbal medicine for hyperthyroidism and I think this made it worse (also the hyperT probably did as well). Now my thyroid hormones are in normal range and have changed the herbs it's much better now. Have had some light aura symptoms but nothing that really interferes with my functioning. Also drinking loads of water has helped a lot.

        Anyway thanks and I will look into this if it becomes constant like that again.

        1. After bouncing from Dr to Dr and one diagnoses to the next, I've been told have continuous migraine - so I've had a migraine for 12 years, but no headache. Sometimes it's better, but it never completely goes away. I've never had double vision, but I do see spots all the time, particularly on light colored objects.

          I've been on a lot of different migraine medications, but nothing seems to help. I have cut out caffeine, which appears to make it worse. I've been doing massage for migraine, and I think that has been helping a little bit. I wish I had better suggestions, I know how frustrating it is to have this dead end diagnosis with no treatment.

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