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I have been seeing a chiro who specializes in CRA. He had helped other family members with various ailments, so I figured what do I have to lose! At my first visit, after testing my reflex touch points, he said my headaches were caused by adrenal fatigue. I have been taking an adrenal complex supplement. He said it takes awhile for adrenals to bounce back to health. I had experienced a couple years of added stress. The frequent headaches started after the stress was decreasing. Reading about adrenal fatigue, it sounds logical. My headaches improved after taking the supplements, but around the holidays, increased. Makes sense, if my adrenals are not functioning properly in periods of higher stress levels. Looking forward to seeing how I do once the crazy holidays are over.

  1. This is interesting, momnoll. I'm never heard of CRA, but I'm glad you're seeing a positive trend with the help of your supplements. Out of curiosity, what's in them? Adrenal fatigue can be so sneaky and be at the root of many different issues. Keep us posted on how you're doing! -Melissa, team

    1. The ingredients are:
      Calcium 64 mg
      Licorice root extract 250 mg
      Rehmannia rhizome 150 mg

    2. That's really interesting. I didn't know there was a connection with licorice and treating adrenal fatigue, but it seems like there's a lot of great resources out there about it. 😀 Thanks for sharing -- I love learning new things from our community! Take care. -Melissa, team

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