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Cormorbib - TMJ and chronic migraine

I have always had bad jaw pain since I was a young child - 3 rounds of braces, jaw surgery - the works. But the jaw surgery was done wrong and was brought too far forward so my jaw joint and muscles are not in a happy position. Another round and surgery is impossible due to it not being covered at all by insurance - would cost about another $20 000 to do it again.

Obviously the migraine makes it worse by tightening all my muscles and the TMJ problems are migraines triggers (went chronic and ten times more severe after the jaw surgery - Advil stopped any migraine before the surgery). So they may even be the rest I have severe pain 24/7.

Anyone have any ideas on how to treat other pain conditions. Obviously I can't take pain meds daily for migraines without getting rebound headaches but how do I treat the jaw then? I have done all the typical TMJ treatments and failed ..... I have one more treat,ent of PRP and then I'm pretty much out of options. It is severe enough I can barely open my mouth (some days can't even get my toothbrush to the back teeth), and some days cooked vegetables are too hard for me to chew and cause extreme pain (about the same level as a bad migraine). So obviously nutrition is getting worse and worse.

  1. Hi Tamara,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your jaw - that sounds miserable and I wish I had an easy answer, but it's not simple. Having multiple, chronic, comorbid conditions makes treatment more complicated.

    I'm not sure if you looked into the NTI device for TMJ. I've provided the link on all things TMJ here for you;

    Let me know what you think before I go on.


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