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Cross-eyed sensation - is this a normal symptom?

I've got a question for my fellow migraine sufferers:
When I was a kid I used to have really painful migraines... aura, headache, nausea, vomiting etc. It was TERRIBLE. Then as an adult things changed and I only get the visual aura thing (and occasionally a very mild headache). I went to see a neurologist who said that this was a common development and that it would likely stay like this. [He also kept talking about how the migraines might come back with a vengeance "WHEN" I got pregnant, despite me being very clear about never wanting children but that's a different story.]

Now a few days ago something odd happened to me. I thought I was suddenly cross-eyed (I took photos though and I really wasn't); it was like my brain just didn't know how to put the two pictures my eyes were sending into a 3D vision. It stayed like that for several minutes. I had a similar experience once before though that time it was very mild and lasted only about a minute.

I am obviously quite freaked out about this and was wondering if anyone else has this cross-eyed sensation and whether or not I should be worried. Help please?

  1. Hello Lemony, thank you for reaching out! I hear how disconcerting the cross-eyed sensation felt for you. Anytime you experience a new symptom it is always recommended you speak with your doctor. Migraine can affect vision in differing ways for different people. Typically changes to the vision are temporary. While you wait for others to share their experiences with you, I thought this article might be of interest:
    What you are describing could be a version of the "tunnel vision" mentioned in the article. In addition to consulting with your doctor, you might also consider an appointment with an eye doctor to evaluate your symptoms and eyes. Please keep us posted on what you learn and how you are feeling! Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Thanks for the quick reply!
      I looked up the tunnel vision thing but that really doesn't seem to be the same thing I had as my peripheral vision was fine.
      It could obviously still be related to tunnel vision somehow but what I experienced was literally two images (one from each eye) put on top of each other rather than assembled into a 3d image.
      It was seriously disturbing 😰

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