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I am a mother of a 19-year old boy. He has gotten migraines since he was in 4th grade.after a year of no migraines they returned, but are different. Three weeks ago he got the aura and it has been stuck there ever since. I've brought him twice to the hospital for shots. Nothing helps. I want to get a cefaly but the dr won't respond to our request for a prescription--needed in the US. Would rather have the 3-speed sold in other countries. Anyone out there with access to one, please contact me.

  1. Hi Val-Jean.

    I'm sorry you son is in such pain now. As a mother it is very difficult to see our children in pain - both of mine have migraine so I understand, but thankfully are episodic.

    Before we talk about the Cefaly, I wonder if your son has seen a "true" migraine/headache disorder specialist rather than a general neurologist who claims they are a headache specialist? This is why I ask - many general neurologist are good doctors but it's difficult for them to be experts in one area, though they may treat many patients with headache/migraine and say they are a headache specialist. The reason it's difficult for these neurologists to be experts in one area is because they treat so many different conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's and others.

    A migraine/headache disorder specialist is just that - THE expert who treats one disorder -migraine and headaches. Migraine/headache disorder specialists also have extra board certification in headache medicine and take extra courses in migraine/headache so they are current on research and treatments. Let me share information on this with you; and how to find an expert;

    I can provide you with our Cefaly information in these links; and If your son is truly interested in this device, you may want to push it with the doctor a bit more.

    Oh, one more thing - has he tried medication for prevention? Even though it feels like we've been through everything out there, it really isn't possible. There are over 100 different medications that can be used for migraine prevention. When you get a chance take a look at this if you've not seen it; Here is another article discussing trying everything from Katie,one of our contributors;

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do you.


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