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Does anyone else feel like they've just accepted their fate?

I have chronic migraine. Most days I have a low level of pain I may or may not forget about unless I stop and sit still, a light fuzzy feeling in my head that is just shy of buzzing or tingling, and general fatigue. Some days it ramps up to brain fog and dizziness, less forgettable pain and more significant fatigue with some queasiness. Occasionally, but not infrequently, I'll get a "proper" migraine with something of a prodrome (usually brain fog and nausea), something of an aura ( tingling right side of head or tinnitus), proper pain phase (sometimes including severe neck tension), and postdrome where I feel like a limp rag that been wrung out and rolled over with a steam roller. On the rare occasion that will be bad enough that I'm truly incapacitated.

Weather, allergies, stress... I think those are my primary triggers. I've tried the anti seizure meds, they did nothing; the beta blockers bottomed out my blood pressure so aren't an option; the antidepressants help the depression but not the m migraines; and I can never remember what the fourth type is, but it didn't help either. Cgrps helped for about a month, but instead of helping even more over the next two, they steadily helped less. I built up a tolerance to migranal in three doses over the course of four months. Imitrex works for about three or four months if I only take three or four a month, but then I have to take two or three off and I never know when to take it anyway since you're supposed to take it at first sign and I live in a constant state of first sign. Take it too early and you waste a dose. Take it too late and you waste a dose. For a very specific type of presentation, Excedrin's formula works two or three times times a month.

So I pretty much just live with it. Take Excedrin when I can, but often forget to even do that.

  1. @Ellie, I can hear your frustration with treating your migraine attacks and I can relate to it! My migraine attacks don't respond well to medications either. I also have to switch abortive treatments every so often or they don't work. Are you seeing a headache specialist or a neurologist. A headache specialist only treats those with migraine and other headache disorders. A headache specialist is preferred with hard to treat headaches. Here is a link to the American Migraine Foundation, where they help people find headache specialty doctors. If there isn't one near you, you may be able to find one in another area that does telehealth appointments. ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. You sound so tired and my heart goes out to you. I wish I could make it go away. I live with migraine too and it is so hard.

      This article did help me. It was sort of a wake up call for me. Maybe it will help you.

      We have to support each other on this journey. The more support you have, the more people in your corner, the better you will fare. Please know that you can reach out to me anytime.

      1. that tall girl,
        Thank you for your well-said comments. Axon Optics is a good company and so is Theraspecs.

        ~ Peggy ( team)

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