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earphones/ tv

When needing to retreat to a dark room, do you use earphones to listen to podcast or music? which ones are comfortable to fall asleep in? I am 73, had colic as a baby , so I could say I have had migraine for 73 years. Well, at least for 20+ in a way that completely altered my life. I have a habit of having the TV on. Think I need to avoid the light at night to help Circadian rythmn. What kind of earphones do you use?

  1. I hear you! I don't use earphones, but know many who do. I'm sure they'll be along shortly to share their experiences with us. I wanted to share this conversation with you on this topic;
    Please keep us posted when you find the perfect earphones,
    Wishing you a low pain day, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. Thanks for the link. Hope all is well with you. I am looking forward to a new appt with Hopkins Migraine Clinic. Glad you continue your dedication to this community.

    2. Thank you for your kind words!! I'm hanging in today.
      Will you please let us know how your next appointment goes? Hoping this weekend is pain free, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

  2. - Glad you chimed in with this question. Like you, I've had a lifetime of migraine attacks with the last 20+ years of them being chronic and life-altering.
    Like you, I spend most of the time with the tv in the background. For me, it serves as a welcome distraction from the pain. When navigating an active attack, I often lie down with my eyes closed and listen to the TV with eye-covering on. At night, I have the tv programmed to turn itself off after an hour so the light in the bedroom gets dark, allowing me to sleep. I'm so often in severe pain, I do like to have it on as I try to drift off as it does work to distract me from the intensity of the pain. I also turn the brightness all the way down so there aren't blaring flashing lights.
    As to your question about earphones, I'm glad Nancy gave you a good link to look at. The ones I've found that work for me are soft comfortable inserts. I will usually put one in the ear that is facing up (I'm a side sleeper). They are called Vie Fit. A bit pricey but worth it as my ears are quite sensitive to earphones. Hope this proves helpful for you. Please let us know what you land on. So glad you're with us. Warmly- Holly team

    1. Thanks Holly. Finding sleep more erratic lately. Maybe getting old or the addition of
      Qulipta. Who knows.? These seem a good suggestion! May all be well with you. Warm regards

      1. HI Holly, Yes the S/e pattern as described by Abbvie is fatigue and GI difficulty. No mention of sleep disruption. The GI component contributes to sleep disturbance, I think. I have had a kind of fatigue that is like a steam roller- worse than migraine - and it does reduce level of activity and contributes to too much time in bed. However, I have read( on some support group pages) that increased dreaming/ anxiety /disruption in sleep is happening to some folks. I have committed to taking it the full 12 week trial , so I will let you know. There is so little info about CGRP in the gut , I can't wait to learn more! I am reading up on circadian rhythm and gut/brain, but too technical to post here. If you are interested, let me know. Thanks for the tips! Warm regards

      2. Good for you for being such an intelligent consumer - it's so good to do research on the various treatments our doctors suggest. I recently read about people having nightmares with CGRPs - I hadn't heard of that before. You are so right to point out how migraine symptoms, coupled with the side effects of medications we take to control the condition, can impact our sleep. It's a wonder we sleep at all. Good luck with your three-month trial. Please let us know how it goes and what you continue to learn along the way. Warmly- Holly team.

    2. Quiet environment is very important to me, so I splurged two and a half years ago and purchased Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones. They are great, even if I just put them on and play nothing. Or I can turn the noise canceling on and hear even less in my environment. They are kind of my woobie.

      I struggled to read books for enjoyment since I read so much technical stuff for business. I skim too much to properly enjoy a book. But I thoroughly love audiobooks! They are a wonderful escape. I would love to find some good podcasts to listen to

      1. Can you sleep in those over the ear phones. I slept in an MRI with a pair LOL set on my head. I wonder if any over the head phones would work?( as my ears get itchy TMI)

      2. Good suggestion! I don't think I could sleep with over the ear designs as I tend to be a side and back sleeper. Perfect for an MRI, though. Warmly- Holly team

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