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er prescription

I am 44 and have been struggling with migraines since I was 14. I have just found a pain management doctor who is open to the idea of an ER prescription. He does not know what it is so I am needing to explain it to him. I was wondering if anyone out there could explain to me how to tell him what it is and how it's used. Is it something I get from him and leave at the hospital or is it something I take to the hospital every time? and if I take it to the hospital every time do they write on it that I've been there so I can take it back to him showing when I've been? I just don't understand how it works so I can explain it to him. Is There anybody out there who can help me? I go back to my pain management doctor this Friday. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

  1. Hi rachelbellhancock,

    I'm not exactly what an 'ER prescription' is but am wondering if it is a protocol from your doctor the ER can follow if you need to get treatment there. We do have an ER form you can have your doctor fill out with his orders. You can find these forms in this article;

    Let us know how you make out,


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