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Ever think your free and Wham

Hi all-

I keep fooling myself to think I'm free if I don't have a Migraine for some time. When my Aura migraines stopped in college I thought they were gone no. I just had a migraines differently not the Mega 20.0 Pain just a migraine that was about a 7 or 8 drone type for a few days or so. Also I thought I was sinus trouble no. Then the Aura regturned about three years ago. Then I got the week long nausea bouts. This ended recently with Mega 20.0s back to back. At least when I was nauseaus I knew what to expect. No I get two migraines a week apart not the mega ones followed by a week later the 20.0. This morning I woke up with a start from a disturbing dream only to releaze there was this tell tale monster in the middle of my forehead. No indication it was comming because despite the dream, I slept like a baby all night. I don't even think I moved! So I did the motions of showering etc getting ready for work. I took two painkillers, and made sure not to jostle my head too much. I recall the last time with a mega I did this and it sped up what was comming. I can tell the Aura is comming but nothing yet, watching the eyes because that is the first sign due to blurry eyes. I was fooling myself for the past couple of months of oh maybe they are gone. No they are not, just patterns that are ever changing. I'm starting to think maybe it's stress, or psychological? Or they weather? expecting warm weather and big storms today...then cold weather again. I think about them often so I guess they come? So at work with coffee stressing. I have a paper due Monday for grad school final ugh. I'm rushing to do that before "anything" occures.

  1. Hi deejak,

    Our migraine patterns can change over time and stress can certainly add to them. But it's not so much that stress 'causes' a migraine attack, rather stress can set in motion things we do and/or don't do to trigger an attack while we are stressed. For example, when we are stressed, we tend not to keep a regular sleep schedule, skip meals, not drink enough water and eat things we should stay away from. Here is a link on stress and migraine;

    Do you have abortive medication to take when you feel the first sign of a migraine attack coming on? Stopping the migraine process is an important part of a migraine plan. Triptans and ergotamines such medication used to stop the migrainous process. Here is information on abortive medication;

    Pain is very subjective and many of us adapt to daily levels of 4 and 5 or more. Level 10 (according to one scale) is "so intense you will go unconscious shortly. Most people have never experienced this level of pain. Those who have suffered a severe accident, such as a crushed hand, and lost consciousness as a result of the pain and not blood loss, have experienced level 10." So if we use bigger numbers, people tend not to believe us and it continues the stigma that surrounds migraine. Kerrie has written a wonderful article about this topic;

    I hope this is helpful,

    1. Hi doeejak,

      Thank you so much for asking this because this is exactly what I have been wondering. I had six months without a migraine, and now I just started getting them again.


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