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Excedrin Migraine

My 12 year old daughter is taking daily preventive Amatryptalene and Imitrex for abortive treatment. She still needs to take two imitrex a week even on the preventive. I'm running out of money! Paying $450 for 12 doses of Summatriptan Nasal Spray. I want to try Excedrin Migriane for her. I talked to the pharmy and he didn't think the aspirin was a huge risk at her age for Reyes but said I should consult her pediatrician. He said there is no drug interaction with both meds but it's the aspirin that is the risk. The doctor office recommends her not taking it. They say an Advil plus caffeinated beverage would be more preferred but we've tried that and it works to a degree. Takes the edge off but not always completely. What if Excedrin really works for her? How bad is taking it like once a week as far as the risk involved regarding aspirin at her age. I grew up taking baby aspirin all the time. If she can only take two abortive meds a week in order to avoid MOH, we opt for summatriptan b/c it works. But if Excedrin works too we could use it half the time and save A LOT of money.

  1. Hi lhwieghorst,

    I understand money being an issue, but in my opinion,following doctors orders may take precedent here.



      Oh dear, I do understand the money issue. There are other, cheaper ways of getting sumatriptan. Have you tried the tablets? They are MUCH less expensive.

      I'm definitely with Nancy though, there is nothing in the world I would not give up to keep one of my kids from becoming chronic or deal with MOH. Nothing. I understand the expense and frustration, but stopping something that works is no guarantee that starting it up again later will result in similar good results. In fact, it's quite common for a patient to find a management system that works for them, only to stop because their Migraines stopped. When they go back on their regimen, a large percentage don't get the same results the second time around. For me, this is not something I would risk with my child. I suffered myself this way, and a medicine that was helping, stopped after I tried to go back on it. There's nothing I can do about it now, and I would do anything to take it back again.


      1. I would NEVER go against what her doctor recommends. The doctor called me and did say that she could try Excedrin Migraine and I bought some but we haven't used it yet. I would never stop giving her Imitrex and still feel it's the first choice when her migraine starts. I'm just looking for options. She has tried the pills of sumatriptan but they do not work as well as nasal spray. Thanks for your responses!

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