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Headaches come a few hours after exercising, anyone else experience this?

I have been getting migraines almost every time I do any type of cardio exercise, walking, treadmill, rowing, etc. 8 also get them riding in the car for long periods of time on a trip. A recent doctor visit suggests I may be getting motion sickness triggering a migraine. The headaches come in a few hours after exercising and while relaxing in the evening watching tv or reading. I feel great after exercise but then it starts later in the evening or for sure wake with one the next morning. Anyone else experience this or found a solution?

  1. Hi Cbowman,

    Thank you for your question. I've not experiences this type of headache but know a number of people who do.There are many different types of migraine attacks; one of which is called primary exercise headache (formerly known as primary exertion headache) which is rare, and occur during and/or after exercise and is not the same thing as exercise triggered migraine. If these attacks occur right after exercise, I would let the doctor know so he can rule out anything more serious. We have more information on this type of headache here; and

    It's not uncommon for people with migraine disease to experience motion sickness and treating motion sickness may help prevent a migraine attack. This may help;

    I hope this helps,

    1. I use to always get migraines after sex.....a real bummer.......I trained myself to keep shoulders and facial muscles more relaxed and final conquered........when exercising outside not wearing sunglasses stopped migraines which seem to have been caused by a combo of pressure behind my ears and raised blood pressure........just wore a hat...same in garden.

  2. Exercise is definitely a migraine trigger for me. Along with long car rides (motion sickness), lack of sleep, sun and bright lights, eye strain... I totally get what you are talking about.
    This book helped me to identify and lessen my triggers:

    Now, when I exercise, I make sure first that my trigger threshold is low. I don't exercise if I am dehydrated or lacking sleep. I don't run, period. Brisk walking and light exercises seem to be less likely to trigger an attack.

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