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Eye pain and fatigue?

Do others experience vague aching around their eye(s) and eye muscle fatigue with migraine?

I've been caught up in a cycle of migraines and wonder if others experience this. I’ve had what feels like a viral illness for a couple of weeks. Overlaying is my migraine crud which has been a companion most of the time. I typically get loud one-sided ear noises before a migraine, and noticed that sometimes when I’m developing one my eye muscles don’t want to work that well. They feel “lazy” if that makes sense. Is this a symptom anyone else shares?

  1. One of my daily symptoms is dull ache behind my eyes but I do have joint pain and other symptoms that don't really correspond to migraines and we are investigating if there is something else going on.

    Moving my eyes side to side cause stabbing pain too.

    Maybe talk to a eye doctor?

    1. I have a harder time getting my eyes to focus/interpret what they are seeing during an aura, but it's more of a frustration issue than feeling strain. If it feels more like strain, you may want to get your glasses prescription checked since it being off can trigger migraines.

      1. Yes, I have pain in my left eye, and a very cold feeling around the eyes and watering of the eyes just before a migraine starts. I have discovered it is one of my auras, turn out the lights, rests the eyes and take your meds. I did have my eyes checked, which is a very good idea, and they were fine. But there are eye conditions you must get ruled out before you make the decision the problem is an aura associated with your migraines. See your eye doc now.

        1. I do too. What does your doctor say?

          1. I had a great dentist that gave me a nerve block that stopped the pain. Unfortunately he’s not that kind of Dentist. The one I have now has helped a great deal. Everyone’s treatment is different so what helps for me might not be right for you. I did physical therapy and various medications and on going triggers and spg blocks. I consider it a win because I can go out in the sun again.

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