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Facial Pain

Hello All!

I have been experiencing migraines since my junior year of college- about 5-ish years ago. Since then, my migraines are getting more and more frequent. I have all the usual symptoms- nausea, light & sound sensitivity, and headache pain in the crook of my right eyebrow and nose. Within the past year, however, facial pain is a growing symptom/issue. The pain runs along my cheek bones (both sides) and the sensations feels as if someone if pushing in on my face. The face pain not necessarily debilitating but I can't seem to shake it. With this facial pain, I always have nausea and I grow tired/grumpy very quickly. In this same breath, I don't always have the headache pain when my face hurts.

I subconsciously push on my cheek bones (applying pressure hurts but also feels good... weird) when the pain starts and that's when my family knows that I am beginning to have a headache.

Does anyone else experience this? I told my dr. about the facial pain and she looked at me like I was crazy. Am I making this up in my brain? This is starting to affect my daily life and what I do. If anyone has any experience or leads that I could follow up with that would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Ohmygosh, today is the first day I have ever had facial pain with a migraine and here I am reading your post about it! How weird! I have a migraine, hard to read to type this, and parts of my face hurt - cheeks below my eyes feel tender, but it doesn't feel like sinus pain or pressure (I' had sinus infections before) and between my eyebrows.

    1. I used to suffer from these pains too. But I took treatment from Texan Urgent Care, which was quite effective.

    2. Yes mine usually start at my hairline and comtinue down the side of my face, and can continue into my arms and behide my eyes I can go from a 3-8 in 20 -30 minutes it's aweful

  2. Jimillercat!

    I hate that you have this pain but am glad that i'm not suffering alone when it comes to odd facial pressure. Did you feel any other symptoms. What are your triggers?

    1. Sarah,
      Hope your pain is gone by now. I know, doesn't it help to have someone else who knows what it's like to share the pain? My main trigger is weather - changes. Not much I can do about that! I always joke that I am more reliable than the weatherpeople on tv and the radio! Ha! Also, other changes like way too little or way too much sleep, or when meal times are really off schedule. What are your triggers? Re: other symptoms, sometimes nausea, often light is too bright, sometimes sounds are too loud, some odors are too intense...I could go on and on... How about you?

      1. I also experience facial pain with migraines. My neurologist thinks I have neuralgia that triggers migraines. Regardless, I've had this pain for years. My migraines were mainly triggered by monthly hormones & weather changes. I've reached menopause, but now my migraines are chronic. And I still can't do anything about the weather. Winter is the worst for my migraines here in Ohio.

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