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Fear of dying

Hello. New to the community, but unfortunately not migraines. I’ve suffered for years and now live in constant fear that I will die soon from these attacks. I am on day three and alothough the severe pain has ended, I’m left with the follow up junk- light headed, metal taste in my mouth, numb tongue, sleepiness.... Anyways, been doing a lot of reading lately on how migraines sufferers die more frequently from stroke or cardiac related issues. I am literally in a place where I am afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of not waking up. If I am just watching tv i fear suddenly an anourism will take me or my heart will stop.
Does anyone else struggle with this? Is irrational fear another symptom of this god-awful curse??

  1. I am going through something myself. I am not sure if it was caused by the migraines or it caused the migraines. It's a existential crises, or sounds like it. I find that when this happens guided meditation helps. You can find some good guided meditations on you tube. I know meditation sounds like a pat answer but it can at least relax you. BUT if it makes you feel any better the feeling goes away when I get better (after the postdrome phase) so possibly it is a symptom. Your brain goes through some weird stuff with a migraine.

    1. Hi tedone,

      Welcome to the discussion forum - we're glad you've found us!!

      People who have migraine with aura are at an increased risk of stroke, and this article has excellent information;

      I understand how all consuming worrying about migraine disease and stroke can be, but concentrating on it doesn't do us any good. I try and focus on migraine disease management and prevention, and healthy lifestyle choices - this way I feel like I am in control of it, not the other way around!!

      I hope that makes sense,

    2. Hi @tinaka ! Thank you for offering your support to a fellow community member 😀 I am 100% in agreement with you that meditation can help ease the stress and pain we experience as migraine sufferers. What online apps have you found helpful? I have the Calm app and can use it for both guided and timed meditation. I also just started Tapping (EFT) and find it interesting in how it can interrupt the thoughts/worry/anxiety...and even pain! (I don't recommend tapping during an attack though) Glad to hear meditation has been helpful for you. ~Marci (

  2. tedone, I think that I know what you're experiencing. A well-meaning friend shared a book that explained the experience of a stroke, and it described my experience. My dr. ordered an MRI to look for signs of a stroke, and the result relieved me of that fear. Now I know that my migraines closely resemble some strokes. My migraine symptoms are so clear to my husband and me, I feel sure that we will know the difference if I ever experience a stroke.

    I also recognize in your message the power of migraines over our emotions. Am I correct in understanding that you are more inclined to feel afraid during a certain phase of your migraine? I have come to discover that I experience severe depression at the beginning of my postdrome. I am learning to remember this, and accept it as a good sign that the migraine is coming to an end, and I will feel better soon.

    I agree with tinaka that meditation helps. I have been meditating for decades. I used to use meditation to help me escape from my unbearable experiences, and now I'm using it to feel my body's symptoms. Like Marci, I have been using EFT, and it is great at helping me to feel the pain etc., and to discover fantastic metaphors. I use EFT during migraines by simply imagining that I am doing the tapping, since I am not capable of actually doing the tapping then.

    I send hope for comfort.

    1. Hi WeaverGrace,

      Thank you for sharing your tips and encouragement with us. It's refreshing to see all the support for one another. This is a wonderful community!


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