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Feelings after a migraine??

I have suffered with migrains from as long as I can remember I'm 29 year old female I have migraine with aura so I get a blind spot before the pain starts i get clumsy forgetful I start sweating, I start to feel really anxious like I can't function I start feeling nauseous and will be sick and then with 30 mins of the aura boom the pain will start... Anyway I also suffer with ear problems for a long while. Now last week Friday I had a migraine I felt so awful I left work early to come home and lay down and ever since my migraine I can only describe it as I've felt very dizzy and floaty kind of feeling I have never experienced this before after a migraine it's making me tired nauseous and very lethargic? Does anyone else get dizzyness after a migraine attack? I have read it can mess up your equilibrium? I'm booking into the doctors Monday morning as its been a week now feeling like this x

  1. Hi Lauraax,

    Thank you for your post. I am so sorry to hear you experience such debilitating migraine attacks, and also, that you have started to experience new symptoms. We always suggest, here at, seeing your doctor when new symptoms crop up or when any symptom is severe or long lasting. It is good to hear you have an appointment scheduled. Please keep us posted on the outcome and your progress. The following articles cover various chronic migraine symptoms, along with phases -, Perhaps you will find something in there that is helpful and related to your question regarding dizziness. Again, please let us know of your progress. We love hearing from you. Wishing you a lovely day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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