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Feverfew (Tanacet)


I have been migraine free for almost 20 years but they are back and making my life miserable.

(Im 40 year old male)

When I got the Migraines in my teens I took Tanacet Feverfew (herbal Labs make) which seemed to help but sadly they seem to have stopped making them despite it being the best selling Feverfew.

Were any other members taking the Tanacet brand and if so what are you now taking instead? Were there any adverse effects of changing etc?

  1. Hi coupeboi,

    I'm sorry migraine has come back into your life. That must be very disheartening. Let's see what information I can give you to help.

    There are many dietary supplements today that can be used for migraine. In addition to Feverfew, magnesium, B6, and Coenzyme Q 10 are helpful as well as biofeedback, massage and mindful guided relaxation. Let me share our complementary page with you;

    I've not taken Feverfew, so can't help with that, but do know some patients find helpful for these items. FYI -I do not receive any compensation from iherb.

    I hope this is helpful and others may be along to share their experiences with Feverfew.

    1. Hi coupeboi,

      I have quite a bit of experience with Feverfew both as a migraineur who used it and as a former health food store owner who stocked it. The important thing to remember with Feverfew is to use a standardized extract with 0.2-0.4% parthenolides from a reputable manufacturer that formulates and bottles its product in a pharmeceutical grade laboratory. Most brands found in health food stores meet this criteria. You do have to be careful with smaller companies though. Only this formulation has been subjected to double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to determine its effectiveness at preventing migraine.

      Using "whole herb" formulas is generally preferred, but in this case, they have no studies supporting their use to prevent migraine attacks.

      If you have more questions about selecting a good brand, please reply back.

      Tammy Rome, Herbalist

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