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Migraines and fevers?

I recently noticed a trend of low-grade fevers when I am postdrome. Today I am running one during my migraine. 99.7, which is high for me especially since my abortive combo has 800mg Advil alt with 50 Cataflam as well as Fioricet (contains Tylenol). Does anyone else experience this? When do you alert you Neuro? PS, no other abnormal symptoms

  1. Thanks for reaching out & for your question. Sure others will be along to share their experiences, but in the meantime I thought you might like to take look at this article which discusses fever & migraine. - As this may provide you with some comfort to know you are not alone in experiencing this as a possible migraine symptom, I would encourage you to discuss with your doctor since this is a change & new symptom for you. Always a good idea & so they can rule out anything more serious.

    1. Thank you! I had seen that article, but with its age (2010) I wanted to know if there were any updates. My Neuro had never heard of fevers and migraines at my last appt., so I am turning to the community. I do take Trokendi XR which can elevate body temp, but this seems to come just around my migraines (last 36-72h every 4-6d), so really that isn’t saying much. Just wanted it out there for possible new info.

  2. I endured a traumatic brain injury 3++ years ago with damage to the inner ear, ocular nerves and cervical spine as well. Although I have been slowly healing over the years, I still suffer from migraine almost daily (at different intensities).

    What is most peculiar though are the fevers that come with it. Rather than the telltale aura most people get as their migraines are coming on; I start to get a light fever every temperature will spike instantly a degrees or two with the slightest trigger and then I know the rest of my migraine symptoms will follow.

    This can and will happen multiple times a day, regardless of how badly the other symptoms get for me (migraine head/face/neck pain, vertigo, light sensitivity, ears popping of muffled, nausea, inability to focus, disorientation, and some others)... regardless of what’s coming, it always starts with fever.

    The fevers; although never higher than 100.3, always feel like a full on fever: feeling too hot, then getting chills, fatigue, body aches, cloudy thinking. I even feel My eyes, the inside of my mouth and the air I breathe out very hot. All the symptoms of have a fever because I’m sick - but I’m not! And this is on and off on an almost daily basis.

    I’ve seen tons of doctors and taken all kinds of tests, and still no one can figure out why exactly I get the strange fevers that come with my migraines.

    About 6 months ago I started on Aimovig, a monthly shot for migraines. It is the first medication that almost made me feel normal again and gave me most of my life back! It seemed to halt or hide all of my migraine symptoms - including the fevers - until it would wear off at the end of the month. Unfortunately for me, the effect of the drug stopped working all together last month, so now I’ve just started on Emgality, which similar. I think my body builds a resilience to products and medications quickly, but for now, I still have more better days on it then without it.

    Hope it may help anyone else reading this.

    Open to more ideas and hearing other people’s experiences with dealing with fevers.

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