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First Occipital Block, lots of questions

I am new here. Been suffering chronic migraine for the last 7 months with very little relief. I just had my first occipital nerve block yesterday morning and now 24 hours out I am still very very out of it. I slept on and off since the procedure all day. The Dr. did not prepare me for this. Is this normal? When will the haziness wear off?

  1. Hi caraemily,

    Welcome to the discussion forum! We are so happy you've found us - but on the other hand sorry you have to be here.

    A few potential side effects from an occipital nerve block include soreness and/or numbness at the injection site, and mild dizziness. Are you feeling better now? If not please contact your doctor, OK?

    Let me know how you are feeling,

    1. Hi Caraemily,
      Im a newbie. Is it ok to ask what medthod they used?
      Some people go to surgie centers and some go to their doctors office.
      Just curious.


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