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A lot of my migraines are food related. I also have IBS. I have to go on the FODMAP diet. Has anyone found this diet any help for migraine?

Thanks Helen

  1. I've been on the basic FODMAPS precursor since the late 1980s, before I became chronic, for food chemical sensitivity reasons. Made a huge difference to my life, health and sanity. Once you get used to recognising the food groups, you have stacks of freedom.
    My niece and also a young cousin needed to go on FODMAPS soon after it was first published in this format. Again, totally changed their lives and health status, resolving PCOS, digestive and some headache issues. I don't know how my cousin is now. I know that since my niece had her first child and breastfed her, she hasn't needed to return to this level of dietary discipline.
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, JOJ. I already have a restricted diet for migraine. Going to try the elimination diet for 3 weeks. However, some of the foods allowed on the elim diet I can't eat as it gives me migraine.


      1. I can't eat some of those foods because of anaphylaxis or hives etc. It's not that everyone who has food issues can safely eat everything on those lists. But you have a wider safe selection, and if there is a FODMAPS commercial range, you're relatively safe. 😀
        Be warned the first few days of Elimination Diet can be really rough, and might set off all kinds of aches and pains. Technically you can't take pain relief throughout this time unless you're doing the Elimination under supervision (I did and still couldn't).

        1. Thanks again.

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