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HA Specialist near Albuquerque (AZ, CO, UT, TX) and new ideas to try

So glad to have found this site. I've already found it very helpful to peruse these forums. I am looking gor a true headache specialist. I am in Albuquerque, NM and have had no luck finding one here. The three neurologists I have seen have been of limited help. I am willing to travel. As a mom of three little ones, I have to find a way forward.
My history:
1. Migraines since childhood, new onset if cervicogenic headache in 2016 due to damage caused by over-use/stress from a new baby. I have constant, uni-lateral, sub-occipital pain which radiates up the bavk of my head and behind my eye. This causes mugraine-like pain. I also suffer from common migraine on the other side, usually related to hormone or food or fatigue triggers.
2. Recently reveived 1st botox injections with awful side effects. Eyelid drooping, loss of neck muscle tone, difficulty swallowing. 6 weeks post botox, these are resolving and migraines are back full-force.
3. Median branch block on third occipital nerve nit effwctive.
4. Failed preventatives: amytriptaline, depakote, propranolol, and verapamil.
5. Use Cefaly device daily for 6 months. Not sure if it's helping as a preventative. It does provide relief while wearing it.
6. MRI of cspine clear.
7. Maxalt for abortive works 80%, but using 14/month. I know I'm dealing with MOH, but see no way through it right now.
8. Using supplements of magnesium oil, B2, CoQ10, and tumeric.
9. 3 months of PT has helped minimally, if at all.

Any recommendations for specialists, additional treatments to try, etc.... would be greatly appreciated.

  1. MJLS, I applaud you for your determination to find the healthcare you deserve! It is not an easy task and one that is probably not made any easier—despite its necessity—by being mom to three busy kiddos! I found one article that may help you in your search for a new doctor ( This second article gives some great suggestions for preparing to best advocate for yourself in your visits ( Finally, I thought you might find it helpful to read through the section on treatment options—it sounds like you've tried a lot of different things but maybe you'll find something new in there ( Please keep us informed about your progress. We are always here to support you. -Martha ( Team)

    1. A co-worker who has migraine has highly recommended NM Neurology - Dr. Owenby or Dr. Berger. I made a couple of appointments with them, but have been unable to keep the appointments.So I can' personally attest.
      My migraine is primarily hormonal, so I plan to see Dr. Ivan Pinon. He is an endocrinologist, but is also recommended by the same co-worker.
      Another friend, who is also a migraineur, recommends Daphne Johnson, CNP. Daphne is also a migraineur, and if she can't treat you, she may be able to direct you to someone. Daphne gets Botox treatments, so can tell you who can administer those, if they are an option for you.

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