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Hair loss & Canker Sores

Hello! I am a male in my early 20’s that has experienced migraines for the last 4 years and finally started taking a medication. I have been on Propranolol for 5 months now. I am at 40mg (20 in morning & 20 at night). Although the medication helps tremendously compared to before taking the medication, I have experienced hair loss and canker sores like crazy. I couldn’t figure out what was causing them so much until the last 2 months I figured out it was the propranolol and don’t know what to do.

I’ve tried changing my diet with no help to the symptoms. No one in my family on either side starts going bald till they’re in their 70’s and very few people have the amount of constant canker sores and swelling of the tongue like I experience. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but have no idea what medication to switch to that is effective but will stop me from losing even more hair and getting canker sores. Opinions on different meds?? Thank you!

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out! I am so sorry that other members have not been along to share their feedback or experiences. How did your appointment go? Did your provider discuss other treatment options? Let us know how you made out if you can.

    1. No worries, thanks for asking. My doctor changed my medication to Atenolol at 25mg. She also suggested I try this medication from Amazon, not sure what the name was because I was told before that only over the counter prescribed medications will actually work. Any suggestions? Or anyone with luck taking Atenolol? I’ve never heard of it before. Hoping it works well, only started the medication 4 days ago

      1. Not sure how many migraines you're getting per month - but there are the CGRP blockers that are working for some people. I'm on Aimovig and it's working pretty well. Before that, I was on a blood pressure medication for migraine prevention that gave me side effects so I'm glad to be off it. That's traumatic - hair loss - I hope the new medication is helping. Another thought - migraines create a lot of stress on the body. I'm actually studying to become a therapist that works with people with chronic illness because I think that illness puts people under incredible stress.

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