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Has anyone else used DHE inpatient 5 day infusion?

I did the DHE treatment and was wondering if anyone else has done this treatment. Also, has anyone used Indomethicin for ice pick headaches? What was your LONG TERM experience, did they help stop or decrease your headaches?

  1. Hi missey,

    Thanks for your question. I've not had DHE, but know others who have. We have more information on this medication here;

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    1. I did a 5 day inpatient DHE infusion. Unfortunately, I did not have any success...I also have 5 IV infiltrations and a blood clot because of the infusions. BUT, I know people who it worked wonders for.... all our migraines are different and if your doctor suggested it, it's worth a shot for some possible pain relief. It didn't make my migraines worse!

      1. Hi Dana. I've just read your post on the side effects you've experienced from IV DHE infusions. I'm currently 6 days out from a 5 day inpatient stay for DHE and I still have swollen, tender, veins in my arms and legs! They were worse while I was in hospital but I didn't expect it to continue for so long!

        Did you experience anything similar? Also, how did you find out you had a blood clot?

        Thanks. Jono.

      2. I'm sorry , I just saw this. The tender, swollen veins was how I discovered the blood clot. I went to my doctor concerned because it had been so long after my discharge. I hope you didn't have a clot. How are you feeling now? I don't know why I didn't get a notification that you responded to my post....??

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