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Has Anyone Tried An SPG Nerve Block?

Yesterday I saw my local neurologist, who has kindly consented to work with my Doctor from Jefferson. He told me about the SPG nerve block, which I've never heard of. It makes sense to me, as I've read that in cases of deviated septum if the turbinates in the nose swell they aggravate that nerve ganglion and it can cause a migraine.
Does anyone have any experience with this nasal nerve block?
Thanking you in advance for your replies,

  1. Hi Julie,

    Good to hear from you! That is great news your local neurologist is willing to work with your doctor at the Jefferson.

    A sphenopalatine ganglion nerve block may provide weeks to months of temporary migraine relief. I've had this done and my pain was eliminated but reduced - every little bit helps!

    We have information on this type of block in this article I hope you find helpful;

    Please let us know your results if you have this procedure.


    1. Thanks Nancy, I appreciate the article, it was very informative and alleviated my apprehension about the procedure (which my doc described as "a shot in the nose", which sounded most unpleasant!).

      1. Julie,

        Please keep us posted on your SPG Block. If my Botox treatment does not work, I may look into a SPG block next. Wishing you the very best!

        1. @ Bam1970 ~ I haven't had the SPG block yet; my doctor is still waiting to get the equipment to do it. He should have it in this month. I will definitely keep you informed!
          @ Nancy ~ I keep thinking of this block as a rescue abortive. Is it considered a preventative as well?

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