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Has Botox stopped working ?

Me again….migraine 6 this month. It is like old patterns prior to Botox. It was working totally fine until I got my new cycle administered 3 weeks ago. I’m getting nervous that Botox has suddenly stopped working? I’m looking at my 2020 patterns and they match this months. Never had one like this before. Can Botox stop working that suddenly? Or could it just be a badly administered cycle? Idk. Please tell me it isn’t true.

  1. I can absolutely relate to this! Like you, one of my biggest fears is that Botox stops working. I can tell you I've had a few (not many) bad cycles but overall Botox keeps on working. It could be a combination of how it was administered, life events and you know, plain old migraine. Did a different provider inject Botox? Sometimes it's about how it's finessed.
    Please keep us posted, my fingers and toes are crossed!! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. thank you! This gives me a hope. My neuro retired and my new neuro had only given it to me once before (and it was fine!!) she missed 2 usual neck spots that i forgot to ask for and that she forgot to do. They’re bad trigger neck spots but my migraines have been up high ever since botox and have not been in my neck. Im hoping maybe it is because she missed 2 spots and that botox is not failing? It’s only been 2 years’

    2. Could very well be. My neck is a huge trigger as well and I ask my doctor to "load me up there".
      Try not to worry too much about this - I know how difficult that is.
      Everything that can be crossed, is crossed!!!
      Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Leader/Moderator Team

  2. Thank you! Do you think this can mean Botox is still working? I’m so nervous it is failing out of nowhere.

    1. Hi there- I think we may have talked about this before- I'm so sorry your attacks are on the uptick. I wanted to share this link with you to show you are not alone in this: I do think it's likely that they missed some of your key injection locations. Have you reached out to your doctor about this yet? Any chance they could fit you in for a supplementary injection? Warmly- Holly team.

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