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'Head Pain' 45+ years 24/7

Hi I am Juli, female, 65. I have had daily 24/7 'head pain' over 45+ years. It can only be treated daily, not prevented. I've been to an untold number of inpatient hospitals, neurologists, headache specialists, pain specialists, ad nauseam. I utilized FMLA updated monthly as per employment rules by my neurosurgeon at the time until finally applying for permanent disability approved immediately.
I could never name all on label/off label meds. It's the same predictable head pain daily that builds up and needs to be cut down to level 3-4.
That is my story in nutshell lol!

  1. Hi - welcome to migraine. com. We appreciate the time you've taken to post. 45+ years of chronic intractable migraine sounds like a lot to manage. Please know that you're not alone in this, and that there are others in the community who have a similar experience. Is there anything you wish you knew about migraines when you were first diagnosed, or something you wish you learned sooner? Hope to hear some of your wisdom after living with this condition for many years. - Cody (Team Member)

    1. - Thank you! Sharing your story is courageous. Dealing with intractable migraines for decades shows your determination to find ways to tackle such a monster known as migraine. Managing migraine is exhausting and frustrating. It's definitely not easy, and you are an amazing example of determination and perseverance. As Cody states, please know you are not alone in this. If you care to, please read up on some of our articles. You'll find many who are also managing the constant despair and debility of intractable migraines in unique ways. Here's a link to one article that you may find of interest. There may be tips you've been using for a very long time, or newer techniques that could enhance your fight. Thinking of you. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

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