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Headache will always be in my life

Hello everyone who reads this. I want to share with you that I am now 18 years old and my migraine started at the age of 15. And now, having tried all possible treatment options, I turned to a huge number of doctors, they all diagnosed migraine. And now I’m at a standstill, because everything I try doesn’t help me. And even when I have severe attacks, my blood pressure is always normal, which is strange. And no painkillers help me, only hormonal injections are strong, which you can’t often inject. For 3 years of life with migraine, I gained 25 kilograms, but at the moment I have already lost 15-20 kilograms, so this is not the main problem now. The main problem is that I don’t know what to do next. I’m already thinking about contacting clinics in other countries, but since I’m still very small, I need to fly with my mother, and because of this, this option definitely disappears, since I have 2 small children in my family whose mother cannot leave them alone, so at the moment of my life I’m at a dead end and don’t I know what to do next. My head hurts absolutely every day and very badly, even the most familiar things seem unbearable for me, I don’t know how I will study at the university since I just graduate from school in June, so I can only cry and realize I will live a stupid and monotonous life. Thank you all

  1. Hey there 😀. Welcome to and sharing your story with us. It takes a lot of courage to post and express what you've been going through. Please know that you are not alone with any of this, and that there are many people in this community who can resonate with your experience.

    I know right now it may feel like things are bleak, but there is hope that you will find a treatment method that helps you cope with your migraines. Have you considered seeking a migraine specialist if all the doctors continue to diagnose you with migraine? They may be more equip to help you than a doctor who practices general medicine.

    It's also perfectly okay to take things one step at a time until you find a solution to these migraines. It does not have to define your life, and there is hope that they will reduce in severity or frequency with the right treatment.

    Wishing you well, and thank you for posting. - Cody (Team Member)

    1. Hello dearheart. I'm SO glad you opened up to us to share some of your journey. You are among friends here who can relate and understand. Most of us here also are living a life with migraine and, like you, trying our best to manage the complicated pain and symptoms that come with it. Finding the best combination of treatment strategies that can decrease the severity and frequency of attacks can take so much energy, time, and determination. This can be difficult when migraine depletes us of those very things! And, as you said, migraine can deplete us of our weight as well- which can make it difficult to feel stable and strong.
      I would encourage you to seek solutions when you have the energy to do so and also to give yourself permission to rest and care for yourself when that energy is low or when you find you are on empty. As you have already learned, it takes a lot just to explore treatment solutions sometimes. This piece may resonate with you regarding the process involved in trying to find relief:
      It sounds like you have a number of challenges that make it difficult to even attain new treatment approaches. Finding a migraine specialist in another country- someone to travel with you, all while navigating the challenges of migraine - it's a lot! That said, there are a lot of treatment options out there. For most of us, we have to find more than one treatment to combine with another to find our best chance of relief. Pace yourself, but keep going when you are able. Here is a resource that covers current treatments (preventative and rescue):
      We are here for you - to provide support, information, and compassion. We are sending you love and warmth and hope you'll keep in touch. Warmly- Holly team.

      1. Hi CommunityMember8422330
        I feel devastated for you as I can feel your pain. I have suffered migraine since the age of 10...I am now 54.
        I just wanted to offer you some words of support:
        1. Keep trying to find a remedy to help manage the pain. Whilst there is no cure , there is management.
        You will find that it will not just be one solution but a toolkit. For example , I have been using Triptans for years. Alongside I also keep voltarol suppositories, buccastem and aspirin ( not taken all at once). I find different pain relief works at different times. I recently started rimigepant (crgp). I also have a Cefaly device which is helpful. I keep a tie ( my husbands) which I tie around my head to help reduce the pressure. And cool strips in my handbag. I also make sure I have snacks in my car and bag as low blood sugar is a problem. You will find your toolkit.
        2. Take time on being aware of what the triggers might be? Have you changed something in your life?keep a strict diary of what you do and what you eat/drink, even note what type of body products you are using. The pattern will emerge after 3 months. Perhaps you already know what your triggers are. Look for peculiar stuff in your environment. It's surprising what can cause migraine. I have a huge list of triggers. And as a result people perceive me as a fussy person , but I have to avoid alot of everyday stuff.
        3. If you are using a computer screen regularly as most young people will, then ensure that you have glasses with the filter to help ease the strain.
        I have a tint on my glasses..FL40.
        4. Look beyond orthodox medicine. You might find solutions within the complimentary therapy world. You may possibly need a multi disciplinary approach to managing your health.
        5. As for studying, I struggled. However I did go to university and do well. This came down to organisation. I always planned and prepared in good time. I never left anything to the last minute. My assignments were in before the deadline. I paced myself well. The down side was that I could not party with my friends as late nights and alcohol was a definite trigger. The sacrifice was worth it. One if my strongest skills is the ability to plan and organise as a result of being a sufferer. I use those same skills in my role as a director.
        6. Once you have your triggers pinned down , you can work on management. This will give you good days in between. And those good days are important to use to the full extent. Try to make sure that you do one thing which makes you happy on a good day. That will help you get through. It gives you some quality of life and helps in preventing mental health issues such as depression.
        7. Finally, after 4 decades...I can say that the migraines change over time as life is dynamic. You may go through good years and then have a slump or you may just see an improvement altogether. What ever happens, just keep your toolkit and ensure that you have the right people around you to support you.

        I hope you find the right toolkit which helps in reducing your pain. It's not easy but keep hope.

        1. My goodness- this is such a comprehensive and wonderfully helpful guide to life with migraine! How terrific of you to have taken the time to offer this in support of a community member. It is full of such support and useful lessons learned. I wonder if you might consider reposting this on our stories page where it is more likely to be seen by a larger audience than in the comment section here. Here is the link to our stories page if you are interested: I think what you wrote has the capacity to really help guide and support others. So thankful that you took the time and grateful you are with us. Warmly- Holly team.

      2. Hi Holly
        Thankyou for your message. Here is where I might show my age but how do I re-post a message?
        Happy to be as helpful as possible.

        1. No worries- glad you asked! If you could cut what you wrote previously (highlight the text and then right-click on it and press "cut" or "copy"😉 and then go to the link I provided you for the stories page, then in the section where it asks you to enter text, click in that area and right-click again and press "paste" - your text should show up there. Then, if you then want to edit it slightly (to perhaps take out the part where it refers to the community member) you can do so in that window. I hope this helps all though it may depend on what kind of computer you are using. Write back if you run into any challenges. Happy to help and glad you're also happy to help our community! Thanks so much. Warmly- Holly team.

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