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Can you have migraines all the time?

My doctor said I have migraines headaches. He prescribed imitrex and I am afraid to take it. I headaches and sensitivity to light and fatigue. I also have a kind of dizziness where things just don't look right and I can't explain. However, it is all of the time. Migraines are just sometimes aren't they.

  1. Sadly, yes.

    1. Hi there, cjib- Thanks so much for being a part of our community and for posing such an important question.

      The answer is yes- it is possible to have migraine all the time. There are several types of migraine that can cause nearly if not constant pain:

      And then there is chronic migraine (attacks which occur at least 15 times a month). And because migraine is not just head pain but a complex neurological disease, its many neurological symptoms and/or comorbid conditions (some of which you mention above including dizziness, sensitivity to light, and fatigue) can occur before, during and after the attack itself- making it difficult to discern one attack from the next when they are happening so frequently. It can end up feeling like a blur of constant migraine with no clear break:

      You mention being afraid of taking imitrex. There are many other migraine treatments available, so it may be time to have another appointment with your doctor to ask about other options:

      Also, if you are having such frequent migraines, it'd probably be a good idea to see a migraine specialist, if you aren't already doing so - as they are the best trained doctors to help navigate this complicated condition:

      Thanks again for chiming in and please stay in touch. Thinking of you!

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