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Heart issues and migraines?

Hi. I've had migraine with auras for years. I've had the migraine cause stroke-like symptoms where I could not speak properly, and basically failed all the typical stroke tests. But then, afterwards, confirmed with MRI that no stroke had occurred.

Recently, I had a heart issue...didn't have chest pain, but had a moment of extreme weakness. I visited the ER to get checked out and found there were heart cells in my blood. Had all the usual tests - angiogram, echo cardiogram, and HMR. All showed normal, healthy heart, though the MR test did show a tiny spot in my heart that had suffered some sort of trauma. Blood work all appears normal.

So, my question - has anyone else here experienced any heart problems that were attributed to migraines? I don't think my cardiologist is considering this possibility. His assessment is that, since there are no discernible causes for the heart issue, then there must be something happening at the microscopic level. I'm wondering if I should be searching for a neurologist to consider the connection between the migraines and the heart issue. Anyone have any experience with anything like this?


  1. Hi. I'm glad you're being proactive and considering every possible angle for what could be going on with your health -- the heart cells in your blood are definitely concerning.

    I am not a migraine expert, so I'm not sure how strong the link is between heart issues and migraine, but we do have a few articles on heart health here on the site that may give you a place to start.

    Please keep us updated on how you're doing and what you're learning -- I think it would be an asset to our community, and we always care about our members!

    Take care,
    Melissa, team

    1. Hi, I’m new to this forum. Found it and joined today after suffering my second migraine in a week.
      Come across this post and wanted to comment as I have always wondered this. i to, when younger had to have an ecg due to chest pain. I think it picked up a slight murmur, and I remember hearing once on the news a link between migraines and heart issues. This was many years ago and I can’t remember for sure what was said but I’ve wondered if there is a link.

      1. Thanks for becoming part of our community and welcome! I found an article that speaks about heart disease and migraine
        Give it a read and see if it helps you out any. You can also search our articles and forums if you'd like by using the search function. Warmly, Cheryl migraine team member

      2. Hi @Hannah Lou, we're glad you found us! We have multiple articles that speak to heart issues and migraine, you can browse the list here: -Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. I’ve have chronic migraines. I’ve had migraines for 40 years. I’ve always felt I have “heart irregularities”. Twice over the 40 years I’ve a Dr state “irregular heartbeat”. But other Dr’s have told me over the years the “heart is fine”. Occasionally, my heart beat feels like an old train bumping down old rickety rail tracks yet nothing came up recently when I wore a 3-day heart monitor. My neurologist is indifferent so there’s that. Must be all in my head 😉

      1. there is a condition where people have a hole in their heart called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) which is linked with migraine aura.

        Normally old blood is pumped from the veins through the lungs to get oxygen and any clots are removed but with PFO the

        1. Ugh, you have gone through so much! It must be so disappointing to have surgery to fix one problem, only to end up with others. I would encourage you to seek a second (or third, etc) opinion until you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with who listens and understands your concerns. Unfortunately, we can't give medical advice here for your own safety. I wish you all the best! -Melissa, team

        2. just ask your doctor if they can look for a PFO in your heart. Tell them that you get migraine aura and that there is a link between PFO and migraine aura. They are usually between the left and right atriums and allow small amounts of un-oxygenated venous blood often with clots to enter the arterial system.
          PFO that cause clots to travel to the brain can also cause stroke and vascular dementia.
          Another possible cause of aura could be an excess blood clotting problem with or without PFO.

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