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Hello Tribe

Has anyone tried Gabapentin?

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  1. Hey there, Rivera! Thanks for your question. Gabapentin comes up pretty frequently here on the forums. I thought you might want to take a peek into the archives and see some of the discussions we've had in the past:

    Are you thinking about starting gabapentin yourself? Hope it goes well for you! -Melissa, team

    1. Hi Rivera
      Yes, I did try it, a long time ago, as one of the many meds I’ve tried in my journey to seek relief from migraines.
      Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for me.
      I sincerely hope that you have a better response & that this medicine will stop your migraines.

      1. Rivera51, I have taken gabapentin for several years and it does help me. I take 900mg daily, 300 in am and 600 at bedtime. I also take Namenda XR and Aimovig. This has proved to be a great combo for me! Good luck

        1. Hi Rivera,

          l have & it was a nightmare for me BUT l know people who it works really well for. There's quite a bit on here about it so check it out.

          My only advice: ask how much disruption to any current meds you're on there will be if you go on it /have to come off it, because that definitely made my situation worse.

          Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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