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Help for 25 year old daughter with Chronic Migraines

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I suffer from 1-2 visual migraines per yr however my 25 yr old daughter is plagued with Chronic Migraines weekly.

I am on break and on a mission to find my daughter some relief. She is a nursing student, single mother, and part time Medical Asst. She has been actively seeking help for her chronic migraines (eg-accupuncture, Rx's, massage therapy, dr-pt consult w/ various Gen. Drs and neurology, etc). I am contacting you now due to her latest appt with a "Head" Neurologist who basically refused her requests for "hands on style" therapy remedies or Botox injections and told her she must "exhausted every other option first" which was his way of saying I am going to prescribe you narcotics. On staff at her hospital I found this Dr, but I was wondering if his Cert. is deemed as "Chronic Migraine Specialist", as has been highly recommended by all members here today? Dr. Boykoff is a board-certified neurologist and a fellowship-trained headache specialist. Thank you all! Very Worried Mumie 🙁

  1. Hi there! Thanks for reaching out and for your question. I understand your concern & your daughter is very lucky to have you in her corner supporting her. Finding a doctor that is a board-certified headache & migraine specialist can be very important. I am not sure of what city, state this doctor might be located in, but here is a resource that includes 2 links within there with a directory of specialists from the the National Headache Foundation (NHF) & Migraine Research Foundation. - I sure hope this helps! Warmly, Joanna ( Team)

    1. Thank you so much for your quick response Joanna! I spoke with my daughter this morning about this little gem of a find to support her and guide her and give her options! We are located in Sacramento California. The links you provided are very helpful as there is a headache specialist at UC Davis in the area. She works for a very large medical facility and her health insurance stems from that so, I did a little more research and found out they have a clinic in the Bay Area geared towards headache research. We are both on a break from our classes so we are going to make it a day trip to get some medical advice for her from some specialist! I must say, I never knew of this Specialty seated within Neurology and I truly am so thankful for all of this guidance and all of us education to help our daughter!

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