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Help with finding a Doctor who will help me!!!

Hi I've had Chronic Migraines since 2001 and Migraines since 1978. I had a Doctor here in Gainesville,GA who was treating my Migraines and giving me my pain medication as needed without any problem. But in the middle of December he left the practice to head up Hall Counties Employee Clinic, so I had to switch to a different Doctor in the practice.
I was hoping to message "The Migraine Girl" since she lives 1/2 hour from me, but I'm unable to send her a message. So if there is anyone who can help me I would appreciate it.
I have now had a Migraine that won't break for almost one month. I don't have insurance since I can't work due to the Migraines. I do have Health Access which is a County based insurance where the Doctors offer their services for free.
The new Doctor refuses to listen to me or help me in anyway. He won't even let me talk he cuts me right off. He keeps telling me to go to a Neurologist or Pain Management. I've tried explaining to him that I can only go if Health Access approves it, and that takes awhile. I also explained to him that I've applied for SSDI and am waiting for my hearing. He said good so wait till you get that. I told him that I have no idea when my hearing will be, he didn't care. He refuses to do anything for my pain. I'm basically bedridden and can't even eat.
I went and spoke with my previous Doctor and he wishes he could help me but his hands are tied because of liability issues.
I don't know where to turn to for help. I've been to 6 neurologists, 2 pain management doctors and 1 headache specialists since I moved up here in 9/2000. The only Doctor who helped me was the Doctor who I just previously had and he has treated me since 2001. I'm allergic to all the triptans, and they have tried so many different medications on me that don't work I can't keep track of them.
I will probably end up in the ER buy morning because I can't tolerate the pain/nausea anymore.
Do you have any suggestions for me on who might help me? I thought since you live in Athens and you network with other Migraine suffers and Doctors you could suggest someone who understands Chronic Intractable/Retractable Migraines.

Thank you

Beverly Militello

  1. Hi 2hearmusic,

    Migraine Girl is out of town, but will answer you personally as soon as she gets back. I can provide you with some general information in the meantime, how does that sound?

    First, I hope this migraine cycle has broken. If you haven't found relief yet, it may be time to talk to your doctor yet again or go to the ER. You may want to discuss a steroid dose pack which can help break a nasty migraine cycle. We really hate to see migraine pain last longer than 72 hours as it can increase our risk of status migrainous and stroke. If you printed out information for your doctor, do you think that would help? A steroid dose pack can help break a nasty migraine cycle. Let me share this information on status migrainous for you and maybe your doctor;

    Finding a new migraine/headache expert can be exhausting, frustrating and possibly expensive, but is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Migraine/headache experts are typically board certified in headache medicine, which is different that being certified in neurology. It's not that neurologists aren't good doctors, but it's hard for them to be experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's and others. As you can see, it can take visiting a number of doctors before we find one who will work with us, not for us! I'm sorry to hear the current doctor you've been seeing isn't more knowledgeable about migraine. I've lost track of all the doctors I've seen over the years. Take a look at what makes these doctors special and how to find one; and

    Let me know if this helps for now, and The Migraine Girl will be with in a few days.

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